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I'll die within your undertow.

Sanity now and beyond me, I will always love you.
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This is a community dedicated to Maynard James Keenan photowise. My friend Sam and I decided to start it because Maynard has a had a huge effect on both our lives and we figured it was the least we could do for him. Please be cordial to your fellow Maynard lovers. And if you're going to post, leave a picture of Maynard. And chill with the text posts. Any kind of picture goes here. If the picture you will post contains nudity, please put it under a lj-cut..that would be nice.

....Okay there's no way you could've missed that now, so there's no excuse (except maybe that you don't speak english, but if that's a problem, I'll take the time to translate it into whatever language you understand). This is a photo community. PHOTO COMMUNITY FOR MAYNARD. So a picture of Maynard, should be in every post. At least one picture, that's all I ask....I don't even care if it's a single LJ ICON, at least that's something. Thank you very much.

In addition to the stated rule above, As your lovely mods, we will try our very hardest not to break these rues. However, if we feel like it, we will. Because we can.


And do Love your mods.


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"Maynard, for the past 3 years, has been this strange inspiration to me. His voice has helped me through some of the most troublesome times of my life and it has helped so much. All of the musical groups that he has been in have had a major influence on me, and I hope that theres a lot more of his wonderful talent and personality to be shown in the future. So thanks to Maynard for being a guiding light for me in some of the darkest places."