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Loder: You're a writer — have you ever thought about writing a book?

Keenan: No, not really. I was going to write a book once, and I did that thing where you open up your Microsoft Word and ...

Loder: And you just sit there staring at a blank screen.

Keenan: Yeah, totally. So I started searching for Internet porn instead.

The Tool concert on Wednesday night officially blew my mind beyond words.
They're all so amazing and the show alerted everyone in the crowds' senses.
The light show, the lasers, the graphics, everything about the show was- perfect.
The band seemed really happy to be there, and they were happy with the response they got from us.
Quote Maynard: Word of the night: Holy. Fucking. Shit.
I could write pages and pages on the night, but I honestly wouldn't be able to do it justice. Really...I left the Entertainment Centre with the jaw dropped and absolutely lost for words.
[PS- Maynard is 10093940505932 times sexier in real life...*blushes*]

I saw them again the night after the the Sydney Big Day Out [music festival] and it was yet again, amazing [despite all the cocks practically booing them].

I thought I'd share a few of my favourite Maynard pictures to celebrate the rebirth of an obsession.

That tattoo kills me

Cheek bones ^.^

LOVE this photo so much

My all time favourite ever.
Such an attractive face, and I love the way the hair just falls like that on him

I love that singlet

...no words

Everyone comment with/post your favourite Maynard photos!!
I hardly have any on this computer =[

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